Keynote Speaking

Dr. Rhinesmith is a well-known speaker on global leadership for top one-hundred and other corporate meetings throughout the world. His recent topics include “Leading in a Global Organization,” Whole Leadership in a Complex, Diverse and Uncertain World,” and “What Does it Take to be a Successful Leader in Today’s World?” His approach is known as “contextual leadership” which emphasizes that leadership styles will vary depending on the generations, countries and organization one is leading.

Leadership Development

Dr. Rhinesmith has been designing, leading and teaching global leadership programs for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience with executive, senior management, middle management and high potential programs around the world. In addition to starting his own global leadership development company with his co-authors, David Dotlich and Peter Cairo, he has taught global leadership in Columbia Business School’s Senior Executive Program, Mitsubishi’s Global Leadership Program, Singapore’s Civil Service College Senior Leadership in Administration Program, CEMEX’s Global Leadership Program and a Leading for Results Program for the Young Arab Leaders Organization in Dubai.

Team Development

In addition to the leadership and development of his own executive teams during 20 years as CEO, COO and senior government executive, Dr. Rhinesmith has facilitated country team development for businesses throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America, Indonesia, Japan and the United States. He specializes in bringing together global teams from different cultural backgrounds and generational perspectives to build a coherent vision of how they will operate and what they want to achieve.

Executive Coaching

In a limited number of situations, Dr. Rhinesmith provides one-on-one personal leadership development coaching for leaders moving into global positions from local responsibility or into new country assignments. These services are conducted face-to-face and through video-coaching usually for a six month to one year period and include 360 interviews to determine success in meeting new role responsibilities.